Why Coach a Lower School Basketball Team

By Jillian Bizjack, ’22

Our girls are on a winning streak with an amazing attitude that leads them to victory. My name is Jillian Bizjack and I am a proud coach of the San Domenico CYO Fifth Grade Girls Basketball team. When I started coaching my girls with Piper Fleece, we were not hopeful for their potential but they soon showed us that with a little hard work and perseverance and great coaching, they were able to overcome their challenges. In our first game of the season our girls had a lot of trouble with the ability to jump stop and not hug girls when trying to go for the ball. 
As the season went on, they showed their skills of dribbling through defenders and making many layups with ease. I say “my girls” because with all the time that Piper and I have spent with them, they have showed us what it means to work hard and we have been lucky enough to help them improve their skills and teach them that even if you’re not the best team with the right amount of teamwork you can do anything. And these girls are an exact representation of that. Losing our first couple games, our girls were discouraged but they got inspired, worked even harder in practices, and later, helped them start a winning streak that lasted throughout the last two weekends of the season. 

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Jillian Bizjack


My name is Jillian Bizjack and I am a student of the class of 2022. I started San Domenico my freshman year and it has been amazing. I am captain of the Varsity Volleyball team, play on the Women’s Varsity basketball and Women’s Varsity lacrosse team. I enjoy keeping myself busy around the school and being apart of things around the School. I believe this is a great page to help show future and current students the true San Domenico from a students point of view.