The Pain and Joy of the Junior Year

By Angel Yang

In the dingy dry cabin, I settled myself on a narrow seat. My phone, ipad, books, and pencil case, with food surrounded me, taking up the last bit of space around me. As the plane flew across the Pacific, the space was cramped but my heart was thrilled to return to my dorm—my second home—meeting new people and old friends in school, and the impending junior year!

Back at school, my fantasy of being an upperclassman at SD—gaining a foothold, leading lowerclassmen, and grasping the top secrets in the school—was finally realized. In contrast to the nervousness in freshman year as a completely new student, two years later, I fully engage in this inclusive community, communicating with teachers and staff, and participating in more activities.

Besides feeling a stronger sense of belonging, junior year also means the pressure from AP courses, an avalanche of homework and quizzes, and approaching college applications. My friends walk by holding heavy hardcover textbooks. Complaints of quizzes and discussions of sophisticated problems flood the daily conversation. Lounges during study hall make merely flapping sounds of pages and scribbling sounds of pens. Though shrouded in a more stressful ambiance, I surprisingly notice the benefits of pressure. 

While everyone struggles more, we also become more cohesive, supporting each other as we go through hard times. Moreover, I actually organize my time better under more pressure since I genuinely realize the preciousness of my time. Compared to my freshman and sophomore years when I was fooling around with my friends, playing cards in the library, lying in bed for hours playing with my phone, my junior year is defined by working harder in school and establishing a better relationship in the SD community, and most importantly, I see a clearer path for my future! Junior year is the time when we strive hard for our future, sharing tears and laughter with each other. Indeed, junior year is tough, but in SD, we work together and I know I can do it.  





About the Author


Angel Yang

I am a Junior and have been at San Domenico since Ninth Grade. As an international student, SD community is my second home, inclusive and supportive. At SD, I am encouraged to try new things and be myself. Due to my interest in writing and service, I participate in both yearbook and Children In Need club, during which I enjoy meeting and getting to know more people.

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