A Fresh Perspective from Oliver Yan

by Ruojia (Dora) Zhang

D: Thank you for having this interview with me. Why don’t you introduce yourself a little bit as we start?

O: Sure. My name’s Oliver. I came from Shanghai, China. I am a freshman at San Domenico School. This is my first year being a boarding student and my first year studying abroad.

D: The first weeks have passed so fast. How do you like being a boarding student here? Have you ever feel homesick?

O: I am not really a homesick person. I think everything’s going well so far. I really enjoyed being in the boarding program. Everyone’s nice. 

D: What do you usually do on the weekend?

O: I usually hang out with my friends, do some exercises at the gym and stay at the dorm for my weekend homework. 

D: What do you usually do after class? How do you like the clubs and afterschool activities SD provide on campus?

O: I usually either go to musical rehearsal or practice for SDS (San Domenico Singers). And I’m also in K-POP club and dance club, so we sometimes meet in the afternoon as well. I really like the after school activities here. There are so many of them and I get a huge range of choices. They all make my life substantial. 

D: How manageable you think the academic work here is? How long do you usually spend to finish everyday homework?

O: I think the homework here is very manageable, at least for our freshmen. I usually spend 1 hour a day for my homework. 

D: Do you like the food here in general?

O: I kind of like the food here, though I am still not really accustomed to the western food. We always have choices for vegetarians and gluten free eaters. And I really like how the cafeteria cook vegetables. I also like desserts the cafeteria made, especially Tiramisu.

D: How’s your relationship with day students? 

O: I attend many activities on campus, where I made lots of day students friends. On the weekends, I also hang out with some of my friends. Also we had a dance last Friday, and I had a very happy experience.

About the Author


Dora Zhang

Dora Zhang, a current 10th grader and boarder from San Domenico School. She enjoys theater art and playing ultimate frisbee. Also, as a member for yearbook club and student ambassadors, she loves recording students’ life in SD and sharing SD spirit to more people.

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