Doris Yue

This is your chance to take a risk.

If you travel back to 2004 and go to OCT primary school in Shenzhen, you will find a girl following her grandmother on the road, rolling her eyes to the sky and muttering to herself. She is thinking about her great project—a universal aircraft. It can fight in the war to protect her country; it can carry the citizens to where they want to travel; it can be a spy; it can go into the sea; it can slide on the ground; it can also be space ship flying through the universe. She spends all her time on the road everyday thinking about this invention that she will create in the future. When she gets back to home, she writes down the progress of today’s thoughts, what was solved and what can be improved in her little diary. She secretly tells her mother this project and asks her to keep it unknown because she does not want any other people to know until the final project is finished. Now, the little girl has grown up. Although she has not yet finished the project, she found the interest of her life—engineering. This girl is me.